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논문 상세정보

사회갈등 보도기사의 비판적 읽기언론의 새만금 간척사업 프레이밍에 대한 갈루아 래터스분석

Media Framing of the Conflictual Saemangeum Reclamation ProjectA Galois Lattice Analysis

한국언론학보 v.46 no.3 , 2002년, pp.5 - 44  

The present study explored how the news media constructed perceptions and positions that a corpus of interacting individuals and groups have retained with regard to the controversial Saemangeum reclamation project launched in January 1991. The present study asked two research questions: (l) what kind of media frames were established regarding the controversy over the reclamation project; (2) how the perceptions and positions of different clusters of individuals and groups were framed by the respective news media. The second research questions were further intended to investigate (a) what were the dualistic structure of the respective clusters and their frames revealed in the news articles and (b) what frames the respective news media themselves retained toward the reclamation project. To answer these questions, the present study employed quantitative and qualitative content analyses and the Galois lattice analysis, using a total of 155 news articles of two newspapers-Chosun llbo and Hangyereh Sinmun-and three prime-time news programs-KBS News 9, MBC Newsdesk, and SBS News 8 from August 29, 2000 through December 31, 200l. With the examination of the 155 news articles, the present study first identified six media frames during the period in study: policy inefficiency, land development, protection of environment, national expenses or burden, potential economic benefits of the project, and social integrity. Prior to answering the second research question, the present study classified those individuals and groups concerning the controversy into five clusters of administrative officials and congressmen, civic organizations, experts, farmers and fishermen, and general population. Results regarding the second research question indicated, firstly, that the two newspapers had much higher amount of news articles and contained more frequent appearances of the six frames than the three broadcast news media; secondly, the newspapers maintained more diverse frames for those who have opposed the reclamation project than those who have favored it, while the broadcast news media showed no meaningful association of the perceptions and positions of individuals and groups with subsequent frame diversity; and thirdly, the news articles did not suggest various opinions of various clusters of people, because they have more slanted to the clusters of administrative officials and congressmen, civic organizations, and experts than the clusters of farmers and fishermen and general population; and finally, out of the six frames, the master frame of those for the project was the land-development frame, and that of those against the project was the protection-of-environment frame.

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