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논문 상세정보

[임꺽정] 연구­-민족을 상상하는 방식에 관하여

A Study on Imkkeokjeong -Focused on Imagination and Nation-

어문학 v.79 , 2003년, pp.463 - 490  

In the middle of 1920’s, the historical novel began to be written which is different from the historical novel at the enlightenment period in that characteristics. Imkkeokjeong by Hong Meong Hee is the most prominet novel among that historical novel. Even though the writer said modestly that Imkkeokjeong is no more than an unofficial historical story, this novel imagines the nation with ‘high level’, And it has the meaning of confrontation with compulsory incorporation to the colonial system. This thesis intends to illuminate how Imkkeokjeong by Hong Meong Hee imagines the national community.The writer paid attention to the possibility of biography(傳), the traditional narrative mode of Eastern Asia which is run down because of the enormous power of Novel, the typical genre of Western Literature. He accepted the biography which was recognized as the non-Western, traditional narrative mode, and manufactured LimKeo ckJeong’s life, custom and folk ritual in the middle age of Choseon, the struggle for power and conspiracy of aristocratic class, and the suffering and resistance of oppressed people as if a wall painting at peculiar period. He sublated the classical mode of biography, the official history which admired the holy object, heroic man or aristocratic class. So he manufactured the national biography based on the observation about various people. Imkkeokjeong is also the text of ethnic geography that represents our nation’s geography. Hong Meong Hee imagined our nation’s geographical border before being colonized, and the landscape and custom in that border. That is, this thesis deals with the real aspects of open narrative mode of biography, and the quest of geographical border that keeps the people’s survival. These are the first way of imagining the national community. I will discuss how the language imagines the nation at another thesis.

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