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논문 상세정보

전남 보성군의 무가 조사 연구

A research on the MU-KA in Poseong-gun, Chonnam

한국문학논총 v.32 , 2002년, pp.3 - 95  

This paper researches on the songs of shaman(MU-KA) in Poseong-gun, Chonnam. This paper purposes to collect and to analysis for the songs of hereditary Shaman before they were disappeared. In spite of many songs of shaman be collected, I analysis six kinds of songs on Ogu, a goddess of the heaven. Han-Yangsim's version was changed the traditional story for showing Ogu has a mighty ability. In that version, when Ogu was thrown by her parents, the crane and the dragon, which are the animals lived in the heaven coming down from the heaven, bring up her. And they help her when she goes to the mountain of Siwang seeking for revival water. The changing story purposes to believe to a audience that she can revive the dead men in Hades. Han-Yangsim's version was changed the traditional story for reasonable period returned, 9 days later, she came back from the mountain of Siwang. If she came back 9 years later, as a traditional story, she could not revive her dead father. So Han-Yangsim changed to the story reasonable. Han-Yangsim's version punished Ogu's elder sisters who were transformed into many kinds of diseases for their irreverence for parents. So the theme of Han-Yangsim's version has a encouragement to a kindness and a punishment for a wickedness. As a result, Han-Yangsim changes the story for a audience made believing Ogu has an ability to revive the dead man in Hades.

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