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미군정기 한국관료제의 소극적 대표성

The Social Backgrounds of Public Officials During the Period of US Military Government in Korea

행정논총 v.41 no.4 , 2003년, pp.51 - 74  

The central concern of this study lies in analyzing the social backgrounds of middle and high ranking officials during the period of the United States Army Military Government in Korea(USAMGIK), 1945-1948. Research findings are summarized as follow. First, The analysis in terms of birth and work places revealed that local public service employees in general met the residential requirement. Most of government officials were from Seoul, Kyonggi, and the northern parts of Korea. Second, Most of the high rank officials at the time were in 30s and 40s. Third, the number of those who had a higher education was meager. Forth, It was likely that they were indifferent to real social problems considering their academic backgrounds. Almost all of them majored in law. Fifth, It is analyzed that most of bureaucrats had worked for the Japanese colonial system, before taking jobs in the Korean government. Finally, we can conclude that the USAMGIK,s personnel policy was conservative and convenient. The focus of this policy was to ensure the conditions for establishing the Military government rather than building up a unified independent nation-state.

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