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논문 상세정보

『맹인의 나라』와 『눈먼자들의 도시』의 원형: 인간의 정체성 추구

Archetypal Myth in The Country of the Blind and The Blindness: A Search for the Personal Identity of Mankind

신영어영문학 no.24 , 2003년, pp.35 - 54  

Hopkins’ poems are a result of radical experiment in poetic words, rhythm and imagery. The originality of his imagery reminds us John Donne, but there is not so much affective relationship between the two poets. Only the originality is common point of them. The imagery of Hopkins covers all nature things including air, water, light, darkness and plant. These are all so vivid in his poems that we can even feel them with our fingers. Air, water, light, darkness are all alive, moving and wriggling in his poems. The plant, the vine is so fresh and juicy that we can feel a kind of strong vitality in the poem “Patience”. This vitality or moving is to express the grace of God and his pleasure is also rapturous. I think this vitality or moving is rooted from Keats’ sensual poems. Hopkins wrote many times on the genius of John Keats in his letters and he seems to be affected much from Keats poetry. The climax of Hopkins imagery is his kinetic imagery and this imagery of moving could make his poetry the most attractive one in the history of English literature. Thus the modernist poets including T. S. Eliot could find the best example which can escape from the vagueness of Georgian poets.

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