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논문 상세정보

주민자치센터의 프로그램 개발-울산광역시 남구를 사례로

Program Development of the Community Center -the Case of Nam-gu, Ulsan Metropolitan City-

한국지방자치학회보 v.15 no.2 , 2003년, pp.79 - 105  

The underlying of this paper was to develop programs of the community center at Nam-gu, Ulasn Metropolitan City, in which this study was aimed at suggestions with some variables for activating the program operation that were fitting to regional characteristics. Those program suggestions was based on the regional district of 14 dongs(wards) that was grouped by 5 areas for avoiding the program overlaps in the same ward. In each ward, the program was classified as basic and special programs by 6 and 2 program units, respectively. Also the programs was lined up by a function as cultural leisure and resident's self-governing program unit.Based on those analysis, this paper had some practical points for the community center by stressing a comprehensive approach that had better review some variables such as available capacities of facilities, human resources, and space, socio-cultural conditions, operational programs in the resident's self-governing unit, alerting the program overlapping in both public and private sectors, demand-analysis of the residents, and opinion research to Nam-gu governmental program-officials.The limit in this study was hidden in the sampling problems of the regional area(Man-gu, Ulsan city) in the short-term rather than the program development in the long-range period.

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