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논문 상세정보

미국에서 '중국위협론'의 부상과 변화

The Rise and Trasition of China Threats Thoeries in the U. S.

역사비평 no.61 , 2002년, pp.343 - 359  

Yuan Shikai(1853~1916) wielded great influence on the early modern history of China. He rose to a number of important positions, including those of Prime Minister, first President of the Republic of China, and Emperor.As he hated reading books, he twice failed to pass the Imperial examinations, although he desired to pursue a career in the civil service. Nonetheless, he succeeded in rising to higher positions ahead of others, as he fulfilled his duties faithfully and administered a system of rewards and punishments impartially and consistently, while knowing and doing exactly what those in higher positions wanted him to do, in addition to being a master schemer.His 10-year experience in Joseon became a precious asset for him. At the age of 24, he led the Chinese detachment sent to suppress Imo Gunbyeon (Military Uprising of 1882), and thwarted Gapsin Jeongbyeon(Coup D’etat of 1884) at the request of the Korean government.Between this period and the outbreak of the first Sino-Japanese War in 1894, Joseon had an opportunity to build up its strength as a strong and wealthy country. However, Joseon was compelled to counter his attempt to transform Joseon into a Chinese colony. Right before the outbreak of the first Sino-Japanese War in 1894, Yuan Shikai had to leave Korea, having caused a disastrous situation for both Korea and China due to his poor knowledge about the strength of Japan. The powerlessness of the Korean government worsened the situation.

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