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논문 상세정보

존듀이 예술론(Art as Experience)에 제시된 ‘경험’ 의미 考察

A Study on the represented Meaning in John Dewey's Art as Experience』

음악교육연구 no.26 , 2004년, pp.37 - 75  

The philosophy can be naturalistic metaphysics, and naturalistic humanism. The central point of his philosophy is the problem of experience. He regards human as a living being. Dewey's aesthetic theory is organically related to his general philosophic position. The primary focus being the relationship between experience and nature, human being and environment. For Dewey, all experience arises from nature and is inextricably bound up with natural processes. In order to restore the continuity of aesthetic experience with those processes of ordinary experience, the continuity of experience in and of nature must be appreciated. Dewey's aesthetic theory is implied by and a key to his entire philosophic system, In effect it is a showcase of naturalistic thinking.Dewey's contributions are many. His singular achievement is a theory which provides for the understanding of fulfilling and unifying experience as a product not only of the fine arts. but of experience which is rich by virtue of cohesion and wholeness. When we are made aware of aesthetic quality in ordinary experience, we are armed with the materials to implement activity such that it is capable of further wholeness and integration. The fine arts are merely a conspicuous example of aesthetic experience. Dewey's theory holds out greater promise-the life experience can be enlarged through an understanding of the fact that life when truly lived is art.Therefore the experience in music education is not simple activity, but the experience with thinking. Thinking guides music activity to real music experience. so without thinking music experience is only of meanless activity. We must require having an experience, aesthetic experience for a real music experience.

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