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논문 상세정보

의미구성 도구 및 커뮤니케이션으로서의 내러티브

Narratives as Meaning Constructing Tools in Communication

커뮤니케이션학 연구 v.12 no.3 , 2004년, pp.70 - 89  

As one of cultures primary meaning making tools, narratives are emerging as an important unit of analysis. We meet narratives in the social interactions that shape our perceptions of social reality we meet. As social beings, we routinely adopt narratives when trying to make sense of complex social situations. Narratives are a valuable transformative tool. They allow us to understand the world in new ways and help us to communicate new ideas to others. We can make worlds in many new ways. Narratives allow us to discover new meanings by assimilating experiences into a narrative schema. There are two modes of cognitive functioning, two modes of thought, each providing distinctive ways of ordering experience, of constructing reality. The one mode, the paradigmatic or logico-scientific one, verifies by eventual appeal to procedures for establishing formal and empirical proof, The other, narrative one, establishes not truth but verisimilitude. But two mode of knowledge are irreducible to one another. Efforts to reduce one mode to the other or to ignore one at the expense of the other inevitably fail to capture the rich diversity of thought. Narrative is gradually coming to be comprehended as the ground in which, the relations through which and the vehicle by which humans develop knowledge of themselves and the world they inhabit. Narrative is fundamental to human processes, such as dialogue, intentionality, consciousness, knowledge, culture, community, reality construction, and ultimately, personal identity.

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