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논문 상세정보

김수영 시의 변증법적 양상 - 4·19와 5·16의 시기를 중심으로

The Dialectical Aspect of Kim, Su-Young ' Poetry

민족문화연구 no.40 , 2004년, pp.265 - 292  

This essay sees the possibility of categorizing Kim Soo-Young's poems by three periods instead of two periods, the first term and the latter period as in the established studies. This essay will categorize his poems by three periods and examine the characteristics of the middle period poems. This period goes with the historical events such as 4․19 and 5․16. In poems after 4․19, Kim Soo-Young shows his critical recognition on the reality through satire. In <신귀거래> series written after 5․16, he sublates structured meaning and shows the world of escaping from reality through punning and meaningless repetition. The former points to meaning in the sense of satiric, the latter is a kind of nirvana in the sense of trying to transcend structured meaning. But Kim Soo-Young did not chose either of them. He pushes satire and nirvana at the same time and develops them dialectically. This results from admitting enemy as companion with whom he should go like a family. In the latter poem, the world of reconciliation and affirmation through denial showed in his representative poems such as 「현대식 교량」, 「거대한 뿌리」, 「사랑의 변주곡」, 「풀」 etc. is possible based on this kind of foundation of the middle period poems. The purpose of this essay is to throw light on these factors by concrete analysis of his poems.

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