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논문 상세정보

굴패각-모래 혼합토의 실험적 특성 연구

Experimental Investigation on Oyster Shell-Sand Mixtures

대한토목학회 논문집C v.24 no.5c , 2004년, pp.283 - 288  
유한규, 윤길림, 채광석

Waste oyster shells, generated about 300,000 ton per year at southern coasts of Korea, have induced environmental pollution by piling up out in the open or temporary reclamation area. In this paper, to utilize such oyster shells specified with wastes as a substitute for sandy soils, engineering investigation on the characteristics of sand and oystershell mixtures was investigated. First, chemical and mechanical characteristics on crushed oyster shells were analyzed and engineering characteristic of the permeability and shear strength for oyster shell-sand mixtures at a different mixed rate were investigated. According to the experimental results for the permeability and the shear strength, crushed oyster shell is similar to sand as a lightweight material. When oyster shell is appropriately mixed with sand, it is judged that the recycling possibility of crushed oyster shell as construction materials is demonstrated in laboratory scales.

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