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논문 상세정보

외환위기 후 광고선전비 효과에 대한 상관성 비교

Comparison of Correlations in the Effects of Advertising Expenses after Asian Financial Crisis

경영교육연구 no.38 , 2005년, pp.331 - 353  

This study is intended to compare and analyze any potential correlation among advertising expenses, net sales and business performance, and thereby analyze such correlations in the effects of advertising expenses on net sales and business performance in a little more formulated way.For this sake, growth rate of advertising expenses was set as independent variable, while four typical indices of business performance - such as sales growth rate, operating income growth rate, ordinary income growth rate and net income growth rate - were set as dependent variable. Then, this study categorized domestic industry into 6 groups such as 1)beverage and food industry, 2)textile, apparel and leather industry, 3)electronic, electric, computer and IT industry, 4)automobile, assembly, metal and machine industry, 5)pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industry, 6)construction, architecture and real estate industry, respectively. And statistical processing data as drawn at random from KIS-DATA in Korean Investors Service., Inc(KIS). were analyzed empirically via well-proven SPSS package. The results of this study can be outlined as follows: ①Over whole period, it was found that advertising expenses had significant relationships with net sales, but there were different effects of advertising expenses both yearly and by industry group. ②GDP growth rate is typically in significant relationships with previous years rather than latest ones. Therefore, if GDP growth rate is low, it is not too much to say that advertising expenses are needed for better purchasing power. ③Advertising expenses over whole period had significant relationships with net sales in next fiscal year. However, it was noteworthy that except textile, apparel and leather industry along with beverage and food industry, advertising expenses had no influence on net sales in next fiscal year but effect exclusively on the time point of purchase.

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