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논문 상세정보

유비쿼터스 사회에서의 언론권주체-전자파놉티콘(전자감시)과 전자시놉티콘(전자 역감시)을 중심으로

Main Body of The Right of Expression in Ubiquitous Society -A Functional Analysis of Electronic Panopticon and Electronic Synopticon-

성균관법학 v.17 no.3 , 2005년, pp.69 - 92  

In the ubiquitous society, formation of public opinion and interchange of information by netizens' internet, and the social movement with respect to them show a new approach to the power of electronic synopticon. As a result of this, a new relationship of power is made. Men making this relationship of power are the people who have been alienated from the state or mass media. They are passive accepters who do not have any chance or little chance to express their opinion in newspapers or media. Since the boundary between newspapers and media disappears with the development of internet, digital media which combine letter, sound and image come out. These passive accepters can actively state their ideas or opinions through personal media revolution, where multi-media and multi-channel of digital media take over a newspaper editing and broadcast programming to the accepters (readers and televiewers). Nevertheless, men who design and manage the electronic panopticon in our society are the intellectual elites who hold a power network. These intellectual elites are the main body of control in the system of electronic panopticon, and watch people as the invisible existence. So most of the controled people lie in the rim of power network, and are in a position of passive accepter. After a series of personal media revolution, this relationship is changed in a gradual way. Since the phenomena of network power movement takes place, it becomes the bilateral relationship where the media control and affect each other. Due to the development of internet and the shift to multi-media or multi-channel of digital media, it changes to the bilateral relationship.

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