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논문 상세정보

解例本의 八終聲에 대하여

Reconsideration on the ‘Paljongseong’(八終聲) of Hunminjeongeum(Haeryebon)(訓民正音 解例本)

國語學 v.41 , 2003년, pp.3 - 24  

Reconsideration on the ‘Paljongseong’(八終聲) of Hunminjeongeum(Haeryebon)(訓民正音 解例本), [Ahn Pyong-hi]解例本의 八終聲에 대하여, [安秉禧]This thesis aims to reconsiderate on the rule that the eight letters are sufficient for the syllable final consonants in Hunminjeongeum(Haeryebon). Generally, this rule is explained to be related with the consonants which can appear in syllable final position of lexical morpheme, but recently the assertion is arisen that ‘ㅅ’, one of the eight consonantal letters is neutralized with ‘ㄷ’ like in present-day Korean then is spelled only because that ‘ㅅ’ is different from ‘ㄷ’ at point of classes of consonants. On this thesis, I assert again that ‘ㅅ’ at syllable final is the notation of the phoneme as like the other seven consonantal letters in Middle Korean by examining the various examples in Middle Korean literature. Also I assret that the contents in ‘Eonmunjamo’(諺文字母) of Hunmongjahoi(訓蒙字會) including the rule of the eight letters which can be used both in syllable intial and syllable final is related with Unseo(韻書) in China and also connected with the present-day study of Korean language and Korean orthography.

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