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논문 상세정보

적응성 가중메디안 필터를 이용한 방사선 투과영상의 양자 잡음 제거

Reduction of Radiographic Quantum Noise Using Adaptive Weighted Median Filter

비파괴검사학회지 v.22 no.5 , 2002년, pp.1 - 474  
이후민, 남문현

Images are easily corrupted by noise during the data transmission, data capture and data processing. A technical method of noise analyzing and adaptive filtering for reducing of quantum noise in radiography is presented. By adjusting the characteristics of the filter according to local statistics around each pixel of the image as moving windowing, it is possible to suppress noise sufficiently while preserve edge and other significant information required in reading. We proposed adaptive weighed median(AWM) filters based on local statistics. We showed two ways of realizing the AWM filters. One is a simple type of AWM filter, whose weights are given by a simple non-linear function of three local characteristics. The other is the AWM filter which is constructed by homogeneous factor(HF). Homogeneous factor(HF) from the quantum noise models that enables the filter to recognize the local structures of the image is introduced, and an algorithm for determining the HF fitted to the detection systems with various inner statistical properties is proposed. We show by the experimented that the performances of proposed method is superior to these of other filters and models in preserving small details and suppressing the noise at homogeneous region. The proposed algorithms were implemented by visual C++ language on a IBM-PC Pentium 550 for testing purposes, the effects and results of the noise filtering were proposed by comparing with images of the other existing filtering methods.

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