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논문 상세정보

서정주의 시 세계, 객담의 시학과 섹슈얼리티- ?질마재 신화?를 중심으로

Poem world of Seo jung ju, Poetics of Fabliaux and Sexuality

새국어교육 no.72 , 2006년, pp.523 - 544  

‘Fableaux’ is verse become popular from France in 12century to 14century. It uniquely is equipping talk type. Because, when it translate with our language, it is prose. In spite of Seo jung ju materialized poetic the world of prose aimed Fabliaux character through his sixth a collection of poems, ꡔThe myth of the Jilma uphill-passꡕ.Seo jung ju was charmed history mysticism named 1960's ‘Sprit of sinla dynasty’. Like this poetic tendency is reflected his collection of poems, ꡔThe Sinla-Excerptꡕ and ꡔThe Dongchunꡕ. He shows participation ceremony of history by intercourse of soul. By this reason, he is criticized with anti-reason ideologist from critics. But, Now he comes to be evaluated 'A magician of tribe and locality language' in poem history. He presents unique eroticism in a collection of poems, ꡔThe myth of the Jilma uphill-passꡕ. There were short-winded ardor of flesh speeding to the world of death in his initial poem. On the other hand, this collection of poems ꡔThe myth of the Jilma uphill-passꡕ pursues purification of dirty, the world of folksy life, healthy life force, a festival of M.Bakhtin's carnival etc.There is to he, the Jilma uphill-pass is home, origin of life, intensive space of reminiscence. This is a concept which is circulation, metempsychosis, everlasting-return. A poem 「surge」 hints an united cosmology of man and woman surpassed space-time. 「About man story sexed with cow」makes with a subject matter zoophilia. 「If I become a stone」seems related with Buddhism ‘Metempsychosis myth’. All poem is puting a ground on hierogamy motif. Showing a contradictory double-face of taboo and worship is original sexuality of his poem.

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