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논문 상세정보

권섭의 山水 遊記 硏究

The Study on the Sansuyugi of Kwon Seop

국제어문 no.36 , 2006년, pp.75 - 115  

Walt Whitman, R. Tagore and Han Yong-Un employed the same vehicles of the grass, flower, and tree as the most central symbols of nature which manifest implicitly and explicitly their political ideologies attained from their common transcendental philosophies. They observed the three plants as an analogy of the individual and nation as well as independence and comradeship, which is developed ultimately to the nationalistic ideals. Each poet commonly portrayed the grass, flower, and tree as the symbolic images of lover of sensual and spiritual, and of the sacrificed soldier or revolutionary heroes. The poets also constructed them as the images of the military weapons and blood of the patriotic fighters, and their self-identity united with the heroes. The plants also are metaphorized identically as the paradise, the ideal nation of freedom and equality, so-called democracy which are realized by the revolutionary heroes as well as the poets themselves.From such literary resemblance of poetic versification the relationship of influences among the three men could be traced. Even though we may not find any clear evidence of direct influence of Whitman on Han Yong-Un, it is possible to discover Whitman's impact upon Tagore whose numerous points of parallelism in ideas, dictions and images are exposed in Han's works, which lead us to believe that Han met Whitman through Tagore. Han was, in other words, influenced by Whitman's poetic artistry by accepting Tagore's arts that served as intermediary linking the American national poet to Korean poet. We may, therefore, conclude the influential relationship of the tree poets constructed as the comparative paradigm of the originator(e'meteur), transmitter(transmeteur), and receiver(recepteur).

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