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논문 상세정보

蔡의 가사 두 편에 대하여

On Two Works of Gasa가사 Written by Chae Heon채헌

국문학연구 no.11 , 2004년, pp.141 - 160  

On Two Works of Gasa가사 Written by Chae Heon채헌Park, Yee-JeongChae Heon채헌(1716-1795) is the poet, who wrote and enjoyed poems and songs as Jaejisajok재지 사족 in Mungyeong문경. He wrote two works of Gasa가사, Seokmunjeonggugokdoga석문정구곡도가 and Seokmunjeongga석문정가, and eight works of Sijo시조 related to the summerhouse, Seokmunjeong석문정, built in 1787. The aim of this thesis is to find out the reason that he wrote two works of Gasa about Seokmunjeong. The comparison of two works can help us to achieve this purpose. As a result, Seokmunjeonggugokdoga is focused on the flow from the trace of his master and ancestors to his present and Seokmunjeongga is focused on himself as the host of Seokmunjeong. We can find the extension of self-perception in the former, the firming of self-perception in the latter. In other words, these two works can be said two voices of the poet. One was sung outside and the other was sung inside. By comparing with other Jaejisajok재지 사족 poets, who wrote one or two works of poetry, he deserves attention because of his many works and archives, Seokmunjeongillok석문정일록, Seokmunjeongsimjindongyulok석문정심진동유록, Seokmunjeongchanghwalok석문정창화록, Seokmunjeongjeyeong석문정제영, and etc. In the case of Seokmunjeonggugokdoga, it shows the advent of Gasa in the genealogy of Gugokga구곡가 written by Korean. This suggests the existence aspect of Gugokga in a large way. Two works of Gasa, which are treated in this thesis, raise a new issue, because they suggest the existence of Gadan, which treated Gasa as a main genre.

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