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논문 상세정보

경찰의 범죄정보관리시스템 개선방안 -활용의 측면에서

A Survey on the Operation of the Crime Information Management System in Korean Police

한국공안행정학회보 no.20 , 2005년, pp.385 - 414  
이현희, 이건

This study investigates the operation of the data management and analysis system of Korean police agency. The data used in the analysis was collected by the survey and in-depths interview on the police. Crime Information Management System (CIMS) is the newly developed information management system that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of policing. It is a integrated system that combines multiple programs for the law enforcement activity and police administration. Those are the crime mapping and statistical analysis, the criminal case management, CRIFISS, and the communication and data sharing etc. The result of data analysis shows that most of functions of the CIMS are not widely used yet. The usage level varies with the functions of the CIMS. The programs for data management, communication and information sharing are widely used, while those for crime analysis and search for career criminals are not. The low usage rates of the CIMS seem to be related to the limitations of the computer network capacity, the inadequate user training programs, and no organizational changes following the technological changes. Finally, this paper discusses some technical and organizational issues for the advancement of the use of the CIMS.

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