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논문 상세정보

비등방성 절판의 정적 해석을 위한 고차 Lagrangian 삼각 및 사각형 유한요소

Higher-order Lagrangian Triangular and Rectangular Finite Elements for Static Analysis of Anisotropic Folded Plates

대한토목학회 논문집A v.27 no.1A , 2007년, pp.91 - 97  
이상열, 유용민

This study developes higer-order Lagrangian triangular and rectangular finite elements for analyzing anisotropic foled plate structures with changing shapes. A 10?10 matrix is assembled to transform the system element matrices from the local to global coordinates, in which a drilling degree of freedom (DOF) per node is appended to the existing 9-DOF system. It could be an attractive approach, not only because it is computationally efficient and accurate but also because we can avoid complex formulations in the combined Hermite-Lagrangian elements of Reddy. The new results reported in this paper show the interactions between folding angels and layup sequences. Sample studies are carried out for various layup configuration, length-thickness ratios, and crank angles of folded plate structures by using the proposed Lagrangian triangular and rectangular elements.

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