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논문 상세정보

제7차 중등학교 한문과 교육과정의 운영실태와 개선 사안

The actual conditions and matters to be improved in the 7th curriculum of Sino - Korean Education in a Secondary School

漢字漢文敎育 v.1 no.14 , 2005년, pp.217 - 242  

In the early Corea era, the aristocratic literature, which mostly centered to the Royal Family, prevailed through the 11th century and the purpose of it could be defined as the literature of amusements. It was natural that people criticized the literary circles of this era, most of them belonged to the Royal Family, lacked their unique value in its form as well as its content. Mainly the writers who inclined to confucianism stood in the center of criticism, and they also tried their best to overcome the old bad literary heritage.They didn't seek for the splendid beauty of form in literature, but put their every effort in educating the people and creating a good new culture on the basis of the fine old literature. In poetry, they tried their best to overcome the old bad literary heritage. Some who focused on the content wrote poems which criticized the prevailing state of society and also contained good lessons for the ruling party. Others, according to the way they view the poems, either focused on depicting everyday life or were slanted to describing the natural features of the season. These endeavors brought a new style of literature into the century and also gave a great impact on the next literati

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