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논문 상세정보

13세기 후반 高麗知識人의 現實觀과 詩世界의 한 경향-천책의 백련결사를 중심으로

The view to reality and a trend of poems shared by Goryeo intellectuals in the late 13th century - focusing on Cheonchaec and Baecryeon Association

한국문학연구 no.30 , 2006년, pp.359 - 388  

This study aims at exploring the thoughts and emotions of intellectuals who had participated in Baeclyeon Association the late 13th century. During that time, Goryeo's intellectuals with confucianism background actively involved in The Baecryeon Association which was led by Cheonchaec. Yeo Kyeong and Lee Jang-yeong are some of them. As a result, there was interactions were made between the group of intellectuals with buddhism background and those with confucianism exchanging poems each other. The poems composed at that time were called 'Yeonsa-poem(蓮社詩)'.Through the poems, they praised the ways in buddhism, introspected their own lives, admired the nature, and expressed their love towards people. Although they did not go further into social actions, shared collective thoughts and feelings. This consensus was the initiation of the perspectives of Munmyeong (civilization) and Dongin (East People) in the late of the time of Goryeo. While the Goryeo's intellectuals were living through the time of Won's intervening, they tried to keep Goryeo alive and exchange their thoughts and emotions through poems in the middle of the complex situations which positioned them between submission to Won as well as working for their own people; and reality and faith(face).

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