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논문 상세정보

국제 금융투기 규제와 토빈세

Regulation of International Financial Speculation and Tobin Tax

국제지역연구 v.11 no.1 , 2007년, pp.444 - 475  

This paper presents pros and cons about the feasibility of Tobin tax-a tax on currency transactions and the implication to the situation of Korea-with strongly increasing size and instability of the world's foreign exchange markets. The main reason for proposing Tobin tax was the discussion of more far reaching solutions to the problem of international financial volatility by currency speculation. And thereby to preserve and promote autonomy of national macroeconomic policies and secure 'global public goods', the enormous amount of money needed to solve global problems. The criticism of the proposed tax stresses that it occurs the distortion of markets, liquidity problems, inventing ways to evade it, scepticism of curbing volatility, extensive material damage to the system etc. This study shows that is wrong to conclude currency tax would have no stabilizing effect. What makes such a tax potentially stabilizing is its negative impact on the speed of reaction of market traders to price changes. And also the study proves that the two-tier model backed up by a GIF proposed appears technically feasible in principle in spite of requiring objective analysis of a number of the residual problems. Before introducing universal tax in conclusion, we can consider surcharging tax in second tier of two-tier model as Safeguard tax under international cooperation. Because Tobin tax is perhaps politically unattainable against U.S.A and England under Washington consensus in short time, even if it is technically feasible,

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