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논문 상세정보

저승여행 여신의 비교연구

A Comparative Study on Goddesses who Travel to the Other World : Barigongju, Tentyuhime(天忠姬), Inanna

비교민속학 no.33 , 2007년, pp.153 - 198  

The purpose of this paper is to compartive study on three Goddesses' who travel to the other world stroies. This study has some levels to compere that like a story, a structure and a rite. etc. Finally we can reach to a important conclusion.Three stories have the same thing which Women travel to the other world to solve a problem occurred in this world. When they who get out of this world meet a men and then They show their abiliy and are transformed into a divinity.In structual aspect, Three stories have the same thing when they get out of this world horizontally not perpendicularly. The same thing is very remarkable. They obtain spectial ablity by their sacrifice, actually not a sacrifice but a discovery of themselves.The last the same thing is the ending of stories tell about the origin of a rite. Barigongju have an abilty sending the deceased to a good place in Jinogigut. There are Doriwake exorcising an evil spirit and Naerimgut which is a rite of a would-be spiritualistic medium in Ijanagi.Also Three stories have a different thing. Barigongu of south Korea is sung in Jinogigut. Tentyuhime of Japan is performed in a rice-divination and tell about the origin of Shaman. Inanna of Sumer is based on an almanac of a dry season and a raniy season. The difference is the essence of each story so It is not simple. This study can not clarify this point because of my disabilty. It is a problem awaiting solution for this study.

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