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논문 상세정보

조선전기 의금부 죄수의 三覆과 의정부 詳覆 시행 논란

The discussion of put into operation to the Euikumbu Sambok and Sangbok in the early Chosun Dynasty

역사학연구 no.29 , 2007년, pp.113 - 144  

The discussion of put into operation to the Euikumbu Sambok and Sangbok in the early Chosun DynastyJung, Soon-OkA death penalty was the one of the punishment through which they could control the social taboo in the Chosun dynasty. We call the Sajoi(死罪) that was punished a crime as a death penalty. This paper wanted to understand the Chosun society through death penalty.After verification of committing a crime, there is the procession in order to give sentence according to the law. This is called the law of Sajoisambok(死罪三覆法) The king and government officers reexamined the whole precession for giving fairly sentences. Through this reexamination, they could avoid making misjudgement and amend giving wrong sentences. This law of Sa joi sam bok has confirmed through out the Chosun dynasty. This system had a problem to operated formally, on the other hand it was a deep meaning to firmly maintain in dealing with death trial. Sangbok(詳覆) is institution that inquire into a criminal under sentence of death in the state council(Euijungbo: 議政府).In the Chosun Dynasty repeated put into operation and fall into disuse of the Euikumbu(義禁府) Sambok and Sangbok. This law become effective, when the state council have competence over a politics. But the Euikumbu Sambok and Sangbok make void when the regal power hold sway over the political world. This condition proved the relation with the politics and a system. In other words, this instution have relation to character of the political authority and the Confucian political though.

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