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논문 상세정보

실버세대를 위한 모바일 폰 GUX Design의색채 표현에 관한 연구

Color Application of GUX Design of Mobile Phones for the Aged Users

일러스트레이션 포럼 v.8 no.14 , 2007년, pp.79 - 97  

The extended life span and improvement in quality of life for the old in the 21st century have brought about development in silver industry. Yet, research in silver industry has mainly been limited to habitation space, products, service, and marketing. Consequently, the need to help the aged who lack information resolve their psychological uneasiness towards unfamiliar media has been increasing. Currently, 70% of the population in Korea use mobile phones which have become a necessity for people from elementary school level students to the old. Among such users, old people are confronted with a loss of visual ability due to aging. Considering that 80% of information is processed visually, changes in the visual capacity due to aging become an important factor for consideration. The extracted problems turned out to be complicated processes for carrying out the needed functions, a decline in intellectual ability due to restricted factors of the LCD screen, and malfunctions occurring from misjudgement of the back light color of the keypad. Digital products made for the aged are often fit for people with regular visual ability and thus can result in social isolation and loss of confidence in elderly users who clearly differ from users with normally functioning visual capacity. Therefore, a careful consideration of the digital interface and improvement in the digital environment are called for to make use of mobile phones more approachable for the old experiencing a decline in visual and motor senses.

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