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논문 상세정보

산업안전보건에 대한 근로자 참여제도 개선방안

Measures to Improve the Worker’s Participation System in Industrial Safety and Health

노동법학 no.23 , 2006년, pp.335 - 360  

ILO's Employment Relationship Recommendation and its application in KoreaThe adoption of Employment Relationship Recommendation is the first outcome for international labour standards which seek for the protection of the workers in question of employment relationship.In particular, the principle of the primacy of fact, legal presumption of an employment relationship, recall of gender dimension and promotion of collective bargaining will be very helpful for member States to formulate their national policy. Considering the spirit of the Conference discussion, it could be argued : the Recommendation starts in the first urgent question as to workers in need protection, that is, the employment relationship. However, the principles in it provide the member States with very helpful methods to cope with the changing world of work over the frame of the employment relationship.Particularly, with regard to the societies where debates on the protection of precarious workers have been keen like Korea, these principles are expected to be helpful. The situation around the employment relationship in Korea is summarized as follows. Owing to the narrow interpretation on the employment relationship by the courts, workers in the context of the employment relationship are outside the labour protections. Such limited interpretations and applications of labour laws enable the employers to circumvent labour laws, which lead to the increase of disguised employment relationships. With a growth of independent workers unions, social debates and complications around their basic labour rights are being intensified.The Recommendation can take an important role in social dialogue concerning workers in need of protection. Furthermore, if freedom of association of precarious workers is respected and collective bargaining is promoted in line with International Labour Standards, social dialogue would be revitalized in Korea.

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