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논문 상세정보

SMEs Innovation and Clustering Policies in Chinese Taipei

SMEs Innovation and Clustering Policies in Chinese Taipei

국토지리학회지 v.41 no.3 , 2007년, pp.225 - 238  
Sung-Cheol Lee

Since the early 2000s the Chinese Taipei economy has stimulated significantly, although there had been the Asian financial crisis and the global economic downturn during the late 1990s. The main reasons for this could be found in that the Chinese Taipei government has made great efforts to nurtures new technology SMEs and expand the scope of SME business operations. The overall strategy focus for SMEs innovation in Chinese Taipei, in particular, is placed on fostering innovative start-ups. Also, the government has recently adopted a series of innovative approaches to make the newly established parks, which is clustering policy. Considering SMEs innovation policies in Chinese Taipei, however, they are not directly related to clustering policies while policy makers recognize the significance of clustering for facilitating SMEs innovation. The main reason is that the fundamental nature of clustering policies in Chinese Taipei is placed on the core engine of the national innovation system rather than promoting SMEs innovation. Nonetheless, among clustering policies investigated, business incubation policies have played an important and direct role in stimulating SMEs innovation in terms of knowledge production through connecting research institutes and start-ups and established SMEs. Therefore, this article has identified clustering policies for SMEs innovation in Chinese Taipei by investigating the representative BI policy, which is Asia Entrepreneur Center (AEC) and the case of BIs, National Taiwan University Innovation and Incubation Center (NTUIIC), as a best practice, in enhancing the R&D and technology capabilities of SMEs.

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