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논문 상세정보

노인 집단에서 배우자의 사별 스트레스와 우울의 관계: 사회적 지지와 대처행동의 조절효과

The moderating effect of social support and coping on widowed elderly

Korean Journal of Clinical Psychology v.26 no.3 , 2007년, pp.573 - 596   http://dx.doi.org/10.15842/kjcp.2007.26.3.002002
고선규, 권정혜, 김승연

The purpose of this study was to examine the moderating effects of social support and coping on the depression of widowed elderly. Participants were composed of 104 older adults, whose age range was from 60 to 80(M=71.31, SD= 5.30). For this purpose, the survey was carried out using Bereavement Stress Scale(emotional loneliness, relational strains, financial strains, role-related strains), Social Support scale, Stress-Coping Scale(dependence on religion, solving the problem, emotional effusion, passive evasion), Geriatric Depression Scale and Livelihood Stress Scale. The data were statistically analyzed using Pearson correlation analysis, stepwise multiple regression and hierarchical regression. There were statistically significant correlations between bereavement stress and depression(r = .40, p < .01.), between social support and depression(r = -.74, p < .01.). Regression analysis revealed that the financial strains were moderated by the social support. But problem-focused coping behavior aggravated depression and was not of help to the widowed. Furthermore, it was found that social support and health condition explained 65.2% of total variance of the bereaved elders' depression. These results demonstrated that social support played a crucial role in the psychological maladaptation of the bereaved elderly.

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