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논문 상세정보

디지털 콘텐츠화를 위한 조선시대 애정소설의 구성요소별 유형화와 그 원형적 의미 및 현대적 수용에 관한 연구

Study of Constituent Typology of Joseon Era's Romance Novel for Digital Contents and Its Original Meaning and Acceptance

외국문학연구 no.27 , 2007년, pp.233 - 258  

The purpose of this study is to consider necessary literary problems that appear in the process of making digital contents of ancient romance novel and introduce how to accept and use it to reveal ancient text's role and Its effect as cultural contents. As cultural contents that emphasize imagination is on the surface, romance novel, the reportage of imagination, has become one of the blue ocean. On the other hand, in the reality of confirming our own specialized contents when IT industry progressed rapidly, ancient novel text has enormous effect on Its role and usage as a creative source.This study progresses in the direction of constructing and presenting cultural contents where ancient romance novel text can be applied in animation, movies, game, comics, drama, edutainment and other form of genre of cultural contents. Among the ten chosen romance novels in this study, four works that were divided into four types such as Sookyoung Maiden Story, Sookhyang Story, Jowoong Story, Woonyoung Story were analyzed. In Chapter Ⅱ, the connected significance between romance novels and digital contents were considered and Chapter III deals with developing contents. In Chapter IV, romance novel's element of constituent was considered: character, background, motif of romance and description, and props. In Chapter V, story epic, metamorphosis of character, and adaptation were proven through major works as digital contents plan, and in Chapter VI, the possibility of accepting works in Chapter V and Its usage were suggested.

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