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논문 상세정보

비대칭적 관계구조 하에서 C-Commerce 활용수준의 결정요인

Determinants of C-Commerce Utilization in Asymmetric Relationship between Buyers and Suppliers

경영과학 v.21 no.3 , 2004년, pp.215 - 234  
장시영, 최영진

With enormous changes in market condition, firms try to collaborate with their transaction partners. Recently, the diffusion of the Internet has made it possible for firms to directly collaborate with their partners. Accordingly, the importance of the Collaborative Commerce(C-Commerce) based on the Internet and IT has been emphasized. The literature in relational marketing and strategic alliance, however, has focused on the relational characteristics among firms. Therefore, the fundamental objective of this study is to investigate whether C-Commerce can enhance the positive relationships among firms.Based on theoretical and empirical research, some meaningful discussions can be made. First, the asymmetric commitment between buyers and suppliers decreases the C-Commerce utilization. Second, when specific investment is made to facilitate transactions, firms try to trade efficiently and depend on partners in a long-term period.

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