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논문 상세정보

전통경관 정체성 진단을 통한 역사문화경관 탐방 네트워크 개발-전주팔경권역을 중심으로

A Study on the Inquiry-Network Development of Historic Culture Landscape for Diagnosis of Traditional Landscape Identity - A Case of the Jeonju Palkyong Area -

한국전통조경학회지 v.23 no.2 , 2005년, pp.90 - 100  
신상섭, 노재현, 한광수

This thesis is to newly understand the value and the meaning of Jeonju-Palkyong area by the specific gravity in making a counter-proposal in other to improve the landscape identity of modern city. At the same time, We are intended to grope the grafting device for the preservation and regeneration of modern history cultural environment through the interpretation and diagnosis of traditional landscape identity. Historical landscapes that are preserved in a city as the media and outcome of the identity are generated or removed according to their nature of places and to the changing region's circumstances and value judgement. The meaning system of Jeonju-Palkyong showed the symbolic system which a landscape construction, four directions and two places has and exhibited the landscape shape possessing a luxuriant local feature peculiar to Jeonju, preserving visual bound language of a classical Palkyong. Especially, it implies the use of the substantial landscape experienced factor, the expressions about natural phenomena and the matter which has melted human living circumstances. The object space of Jeonju-Palkyong area representing the nature of historical landscape cultural assets, pushed by the greater part of the development-based theory, shows injured aspects, but needs to play a part to seek such a up-to-date successive plan as the reconstruction of the destroyed historical landscape area which motivated Palkyong, the establishment of useful area, the embodiment of the cultural identity of Palkyong area and the becoming of the educational, cultural life space. The analysis of the landscape construction of Jeonju-Palkyong and the groping of the modern successive plan which I considered in this thesis, will be able to become a fundamental data to carry out the preservation of historical landscape and the landscape plan in the city.

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