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논문 상세정보

초등교사의 통합교과 실행 경험에 대한 내러티브 탐구

A Narrative Inquiry on Two Teachers' Experiences of the Practical Process of Integrated Subject Matters' Implementation in Elementary School

교육과정연구 v.24 no.3 , 2006년, pp.125 - 146  

The Purpose of this study was to inquire two teacher's action of integrated subject-matters in elementary school. This study consisted of two parts. One was the story telling as narrative of the teachers' real experiences of integrated subject-matters implementation. The other was the story-retelling as analysis of the educational meaning. Teacher, A experienced that integrated subject-matters was contributed to boil down a subject-matters and their contents into a few numbers, fit for daily life in grade 1 classroom, and text books as a subject-matters reconstructed. Teacher, B experienced that her action was shifting the focus from contents to activities, in those process, Teaching and learning was pro-duced by her shelf. And she experienced team-teaching and reconstruct materials through time schedule planning of subject matters for a week as a her tasks in her teaching team.Integrated subject-matters allow to them plenty of scope for learner's activities and it mean the fitness of curriculum in a view of quantity and quality. it was to adapt under some situations of elementary school or classroom, and it influenced teacher's view of curriculum or professional development. Through inquiry on teacher's real experiences of integrated subject matters implementation, this study focused on teachers' voice, that is, had not been revealed into researches and studies of subject-matters related till recent, The voice was helpful for teacher to be realized the meanings by integrated subject-matters. In this point, some skeptic discourses of researches or lectures related integrated subject-matters need to review critically.

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