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논문 상세정보

교육이론으로서의 플라톤 변증법

Plato's Dialectic as a Theory of Education

교육철학연구 no.39 , 2007년, pp.123 - 140   http://dx.doi.org/10.15754/jkpe.2007..39.006006

Plato's dialectic is described as ‘synopsis' in Republic. In the light of Socratic conversation, which is the prototype of dialectic, synopsis is to be interpreted as the mind acquiring “Unknowble Mind”, the subjective conditon of knowing that is beyond the distinction between the the subject and the object of knowing. Synopsis is the educational content meaning not a list of propositions but the comprehensive ability uniting scattered opinions, perceptions, and information by the help of Socratic conversation. Plato's dialectec as synopsis, can be explained as Plato's theory of education as well. For Plato, dialectic as the educational content is only to be learned when we acquire Unknowble Mind, that is the subjective condition of knowing. In this case, the state of being educated is not only "what has to be explained" but also "what has to be realized." For Plato, to explain the state of being educated and to realize the state is not to be separated. In other words, the educational content, and the method how to explain the content, and the explanation of it, implies the same idea. Educational content consisting of mathematics, science etc. does not indicate principles or rules which are expressed in words, but a mode of thought as the ability uniting or comprehending lots of perceptions, information, opinions. A mode of thought in this sense is to be learned by acquiring "Unknowable Mind", that is, the subjective condition of knowing. Plato's dialectic as an educational theory brings out a mystery involved in education, that is, the "Unknowble Mind."

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