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논문 상세정보

현대 몽골어와 한국어의 연결어미 대조 연구

A comparative Study of connective endings in modern Mongolian and Korean

몽골학 no.20 , 2006년, pp.111 - 146  

At present it tends to be that documentary route dominates in the Mongolian literature. Researchers emphasized that the route was intensively has developed since II half of the XX century. Naturally, the Mongolian ancient literature had such feature. The feature is defined that it was “combination of history and literature” in modern times. According to Dr. Ch.Biligsaikhan “… Mongolians rarely improvise, but they narrate or ‘tuujlikh’ /derived from tugurvikh/, describe or ‘tovchoolokh’, ‘erkhilj’, set an example ot ‘ulgerlej’, making sutra or ‘sudarlaj’, treatise or ‘shashdirlakh’, write or ‘bichiglekh’, making historical or ‘tuukhchilekh’ true matters” /3.122/ they were composed to be special methods of writing. The principled method was more decayed when it connected with the realist method of the XX century via heritage of V.Injinash and writing theoretical thinking. “Artificial” literature as dominated that the realism was main method of the Mongolian literature in the XX century. But in the II half of the XX century, at the threshold of the XXI century historic, documentary writings, memoirs, biography, notes, letter writings and essay types have been intensively developing and composing documentary route in the literature. Therefore, it is indisputable that first of all, there must be theoretical and aesthetic fixed orientation for keeping a close eye on artistic value and cognitive importance of literature based on document and in researching the development of the Mongolian literature. The issues taken here are important for explaining documentary writing, considering comparison of document-fictions, researching and evaluating numerous achievements and experiments of writings.

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