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논문 상세정보

18세기 새로운 글쓰기의 대응 양상과 의미

This study is to find how was confirmed the new style of writing in the 18th century

한국언어문화 no.27 , 2005년, pp.399 - 424  

This study is to find how was confirmed the new style of writing in the 18th century. This reveals how and on what theory the writers with the new style of writing have been keeping their identity of writing. The main theories are from the writers as Ji-Won, Park, Je-Ka, Park, Duk-Mu, Lee, Lyeo Kim, Ok Lee. Firstly, the writers with the new style of writing understood that each writer has his own style of writing, and more, writing itself also has its own style according to the real situation. Before this period, there had been a kind of fixed common style, but the writes with the new style of writing insisted on the unique style of writing which each person has. The law of sentences can't be all the same one, so they urged to keep the unique style.Secondly, they understood that even the smallest thing has its own truth. For them, form and content can't be treated separately. They considered that all kind of words can be accepted if they are suitable for the truth, the real. So for them, whether the words selected by them are beautiful or not doesn't matter. The only important thing is how to put the words in the right places, how to use them in real, in true.Thirdly, they urged that writers should write, acknowledging the difference of times, meeting the real situation changed by times. They thought that the previous and current writings are totally the same if only the situation be changed. So the good writing can be if only the writers deal with the real facts or elements, the ideas of people of the same time.

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