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논문 상세정보

첨단벤처기업의 신제품출시성과 영향요인분석

Success Factors in High-Tech Product Launch

기업가정신과 벤처연구 v.7 no.1 , 2004년, pp.155 - 179  

This study aims to find out and analyse the actual status of the commercialization of high technology, and to suggest some policy implications to minimize the market failure in venture firms.Through studying the state-of-the-art reports on high-tech commercialization and marketing, we first illuminated the definitions, scope, and characteristics of high tech industry and venture firms.We also analysed the successful marketing strategies for high-tech firms.We carried out a comprehensive survey of our domestic venture firms. Through the results of this survey, we can understand and find out the aspects and issues of high technology marketing management in our venture firms and identify the key success or failure factors in high tech commercialization. The factors which have significant influences on the success of new product launch are as follows: R&D activities (rather than R&D infra structure or input), technology management, such as marketing, and concurrent engineering.

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