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논문 상세정보

서해안 배치기소리와 조기잡이의 상관성

The Baechigisory and Fishing Corvina of The West Sea-Oceanic Cultural Exchange and Transmission-

한국민요학 v.15 , 2004년, pp.215 - 248  

Though the Baechigisory is known as the folk song of Hwanghae province, it is widely distributed in the West Sea. In this background, there is material and cultural basis of fishing corvina. The continuous and successive process of interchange of corvinaphasy interacts importantly. Because Baechigisory is performed in the Imkyungup general of the spirit of fishing corvina and the ceremony by the medium of him, it has particular position. Baechigy can be transmitted and accepted in the all the areas of West Sea with the background such as this. But the way of fishing corvina in the West Sea or fishing folk song itself are not all the same. By maintaining transmission system of their own in every region, they hold only Baechigy song of special position in common. And Baechigisory also has subtle differences depending on the region. Not unconditional transplantation but alternative acceptance has been done.Baechigisory shows wide interchange and transmission of oceanic culture. It also shows alternative acceptance in different localities. However, now it became difficult to see interchange and transmission of oceanic culture such as this. Because fish became exhausted and fishing grounds are ruined due to mechanization and reckless operations, it became difficult to attempt continuos possible development. Though we fish in areas that are farther away from the land than the past, we are in the condition of not recovering the richness of tradition period and cultural divinity.Through Baechigisory, we become newly meditated in the process of holding in common and accepting diverse culture by adapting to ecological environment and the importance of its principle. We can say that making power to create new culture after recovering that is our mission.

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