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논문 상세정보

기행가사의 ‘공간’ 체험이 지닌 교육적 의미

On the experience of 'spaces' in 'Kiheang-gasa'

고전문학과 교육 no.12 , 2006년, pp.89 - 114  

'Kihaeng-gasa' is a kind of Korean old verse which contains a variety of experiences in travel or journey. It is an account of a journey[trip], that is, a travelogue. So there are lots of description about some places and spaces. The exploring lots of places and spaces in the verse lead us, today readers, to understand ideas of spaces at that time and to increase the knowledge of that space. Because the description and explanation is about the famous places or beautiful spots or meaningful spaces, so those are like some kinds of codes. We could know through the code what the people at that time desired of, which places were regarded as the best, and what images they created about real places We made an analysis Kihaeng-gasa works enjoyed before 20th century. As a result, we found out that there were some dreams, rumours and everyday life in Kihaeng-gasa. Specially, in the spaces which speakers created, And We concluded that teaching Kihaeng-gasa should be to go through that. It seems to be a common sense, but it is not accounted much of in our class.

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