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논문 상세정보

『최척전』에 나타난 임진왜란과 동아시아

On the [Choi-Chuk Jon]

어문론총 no.41 , 2004년, pp.99 - 134  

The results of 'Japanese(Hideyoshi's) invasion‘ of Korea in 1592 influenced on politics, society, and culture in the East Asian Empires such as Choson, China, Japan, and Vietnam etc. With this war, the change was taken concrete shape. Also the war brought out changes in the values on understanding of reality in the related countries.The background of 「Choi-Chuk Jon」, written by 'Cho, Wi-Han'(조위한, 1567-1649) is from the time 'Japanese(Hideyoshi's) invasion' of Korea in 1592 to 'Sim-Ha battle' which 'The Ming(dynasty)' brought about war to conquer Houjin. This work well shaped the experience at that time through the main story of the meeting and parting between protagonist 'Choi-Chuk'(최척) and ‘Ok-Young’(옥영). He described the miseries of 'Japanese(Hideyoshi's) invasion' of Korea in 1592, based on his own experiences. As he wrote it according to what he had experienced, the work became very real. Also, the author showed unprecedented setting of the work, expanding China, Japan, Chosun, and Vietnam. The space setting, which centers on 'Japanese (Hideyoshi's) invasion' of Korea in 1592 related country, enlarged tenseness of the work by maximizing the cruelty of war and the suffering of the wandering protagonists.Besides, this expansion of space setting developed to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of Chosun intellectuals, that we can see this work lead the culture at that time. 「Choi-Chuk Jon」 led the 17th century's history of novels through creating of new human types focused on 'Ok-Young'(옥영), embodiment of description, elaborateness of organization and the expansion of the setting of the work. As you see above factors take the role of driving force behind the development of coming generations novel, compare with the works of contemporary writers which developed events by abstract expression and traditional character setting.

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