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논문 상세정보

아도니스 시에서의 역동성(逆動性) 연구 : '변증법에 의한 변화'를 중심으로

A Study on Dynamic Characteristics in Adonis' Poems: on the basis of "change by Dialectic"

중동연구 v.23 no.1 , 2004년, pp.289 - 314  

Adonis is one of Arab avant-garde poets who are trying to write 'new poetry' i.e. free poetry. His poems are characterized by ambiguity and modernness, and are full of high level words and expressions. It makes his poems seem similar to surrealistic or symbolic poems on the one hand, and consistent with modern world's complexity on the other hand. Reading of Adonis' many poems gives a deep impression that he is trying to reject or deny the already established institutions and the out-of-date values, but to present vision full of hope. I think that all these elements form the dynamic features of Adonis' poems. Applying Hegel's dialectic to Adonis' poems, I found that Adonis' attitude of denying comes as antithesis, i.e. attempt to challenge the old-fashioned values of Arab Islam world. Naturally, his challenge is followed by wounds, pains, embarrassment, strangeness and even by death or self-sacrifice. But all these hardships resulted from his denying are needed to duly recognize the reality and bring change to the world.Adonis' challenge is extended to the territory of monotheistic religions in which God is worshipped as transcendental and absolute being, separated from human world. Adonis in his some poems stated clearly "God is dead" as F.W. Nietzsche declared. It implies that Adonis negates metaphysical God who has been invented by the institutionalized religions, and who does not know dialogue with human beings. God for whom Adonis has an ardent wish is the existent one who is willing to go with human's pains experienced during his desperate attempt to recognize the reality.

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