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논문 상세정보

한국 문화브랜드 아이덴티티 및 커뮤니케이션 전략

A Study on Korean Cultural-Brand Identity and its Communication-Strategy

우리어문연구 no.30 , 2008년, pp.265 - 301  

First of all, this article aims to develop a focus-value of Korean culture having sucking force and a cultural brand which is discriminated. And so we made a modeling a cultural brand communication system of Korea connecting to important foreign nation. On the basis of this, we tried to come out the effective method for a cultural brand communication. With this view, we got a grip on the present situation of arguments on Korean culture, and ascertained the present condition of Korean aesthetics and its sensibility which is called the essence of Korean culture, With this result, it having something charming to improve brand-value of an imaginary world of Korean culture, we reached to recognition that it was above all important that an imaginary world of Korean culture should be constructed promptly. Also with this, we affirmed that it was the pressing need for our work that we researched a positive interface which made it an object of interest and fascination at the market of a communication where a Korean culture interchanged with a alien culture, and made a focus-value justifying this. Rightly from this context, we proposed a cultural focus-value and typology of culture in 3 country(Korea, China, Japan) on the basis of a semiotic analysis. On the other hand, we couldn't neglect that if not practiced by a concrete Communication-Strategy, an imaginary world of Korean culture was likely to cease to be an empty slogan and a blind justifiability. Therefore, we finally suggested a kind of the cultural-brand communication operation which was called Optimal Cultural Brand(OCB).

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