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논문 상세정보

戰時期 조세이(長生)炭鑛과 朝鮮人 勞務動員-生存者證言에 의한 水沒事故의 再構成과 勞動實態

The Mobilized Korean Laborers in Chosei Mine during Wartime-The Survivors Testifies the Situation and the 1942 Accident-

韓日民族問題硏究 no.13 , 2007년, pp.5 - 49  

This paper investigates the labor situation of recruited Koreans in Chosei Mine through interviews with the survivors from the 1942 accident. I listened to the testimony of 3 survivors and could see their lives in the mine and the accident in a new light which was unknown in the previous studies based on paper material.Chosei Mine was a middled sized mine located in the Ube Mines and rapidly increased its productivity by bringing many qualified Korean workers at low expense. However, there was brutal management and exploitation of Koreans, which always had the possibilities of full-scale accidents.In 1942, Chosei Mine ranked 3rd in Ube and their mining stopped due to the burial accident which took 183 lives. Among them, 135 Koreans were sacrificed and the number was about 70% of total deaths. Although the burial accident was predicted, Chosei Mine kept forcing Korean miners to work in the dangerous environment and virtually confined them in the workplace during the wartime. Chosei Mine intended to make a big profits by taking use of the labor mobilization but their greed resulted in those sacrifices of Koreans.

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