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논문 상세정보

기내의 특수성과 승객의 충동구매 성향이 기내 판매 제품의 재구매의도에 미치는 영향

How the Inflight Retailing Environment and the Passenger`s Impulse Purchase Behavior Influence the Repurchase Intention

한국항공경영학회지 v.6 no.1 , 2008년, pp.161 - 183  
황희중, 김보경

In-flight retailing in international airlines is classified as an important revenue source of the respective industry. Identifying the traits of the key consumers will ultimately enhance the sales performance. Especially, as the airline passengers are forced to stay long in the fixed one place that they are likely to consider the in-flight retailing as an major boredom treatment and an additional customer service. Developing ways of realizing potential of the in-flight retailing is an imminent issue in airlines industry for the expectation and satisfaction of the passengers. This research relates the factors of in-flight shopping to impulse purchase, especially of the retail environment and the respective impulse behavior of the passengers. The impulse purchase factors effecting the repurchase intention and the differences are also examined. As a result shown here, the in-flight retail environments (low prices, product reliability, brand awareness, shopping conveniences, products variety, abundant browsing time, accommodating crews, product information) significantly influence the repurchase intention. The impulse behavior of the passengers are also related to the repurchase intention. As the effects of the retail environment specificity are more eminent than those of the impulse purchase behavior tendency in the repurchase intention, the airlines should consider taking strategic approach for inclining impulse purchase. Other researches only find the impulse purchase just in the terms of the repurchase intention. But this research differs from those ones because it verifies that the retail environment and the impulse behavior of the passenger as a leading factor induce impulse purchase as predicting variables.

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