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논문 상세정보

<배비장전>의 풍자구조와 그 의미망

The network meaning of

판소리연구 no.25 , 2008년, pp.111 - 136  

This thesis is analyzed for the hidden meaning of deep import in which connotes bureaucratical aspects of disorder during in a state of confusion at Cho-Seon Dynasty in 18 to 19th century.This literary is basically shown us on going through abandon of its principle in Bae-Bi-Jang, so we understand that the meaning of culture at different nature of a bitter satire on society.These are the two points of view which is so called the common people, A-Rang and Bang-Ja and the other is Senior officer at Je-Ju Island and the bureaucratic. These two points of view are going to abandon on their own purpose of different motives.The former shows the purpose to scorn at the hypocrisy of ruler group and the latter intends to demolish the bureaucratic stiffness which is not in keeping with same class. These aspects of two points of view are giving us to estimate that this literature is combined with the popular movement and the two upper classes of old Korea as similar with other narrative musical form unique to Korea, Pansori.But we are to worthy of notice that shows us the common factor of two aspects that on this literature is contrary to each other.This also works totally on that the meaning of cultural differentiation that penetrate through nature of a bitter satire on society. This aspect of view in this satirical literature is understanding that passing over aiming at the custom of Cho-Seon Dynasty further than a personal abandonment.Senior officer in Je-Ju Island and the depraved bureaucratic and their culture is combined with each other at this literature of the network of meaning.

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