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논문 상세정보

사진측량기법을 이용한 엑스선영상의 3차원 모형화

Three-dimensional Reconstruction of X-ray Imagery Using Photogrammetric Technique

대한토목학회 논문집D v.28 no.2D , 2008년, pp.277 - 285  

X-ray images are wildly used in medical applications, and these can be more efficiently find scoliosis which is appearing during the growth of human skeleton than others. This research is focused on the calibration of X-ray image and three-dimensional coordinate determination of objects. Three-dimensional coordinate of objects taken by X-ray are determined by two step procedure. Firstly, interior and exterior orientation parameters are determined by camera calibration using Primary Calibration Object (PCO) which has two sides with embedded radiopaque steel ball. Secondly, calibration cage coordinates which is composed of two acrylic sheets that are perpendicular to X-ray source are determined by the parameters. Three-dimensional coordinates of calibration cage determined by photogrammetric technique are compared with that of Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Though the accuracy analysis, X direction which is parallel to X-ray source error values are relatively higher than those of Y and Z directions. But, the accuracies of Y and Z axis are approximately -3 mm to 3 mm. From the research results, it is considered that photogrammetric technique is applied to determine three-dimensional coordinates of patients or assist to make medical devices.

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