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논문 상세정보

금속활자본 『詳說古文眞寶大全』의 문헌학적 연구

The Philological Study on Xiangshuoguwenzhenbaodaquan Focused on the Metal Type Book

대동문화연구 no.61 , 2008년, pp.235 - 265   http://dx.doi.org/10.18219/ddmh..61.200803.235

The Xiangshuoguwenzhenbaodaquan(詳說古文眞寶大全) was introduced to Choson by Niqian(倪謙) in 1450(Sejong 32). This book applied so carefully and elaborately the literary view of the moral philosophy, based on the highly philosophical thought that it could be suitable for a text book for the writers and scholars to study their poetry and prose of Choson Dynasty, who had been seeking the Ideology that literature could control the morality by the accordance of literature and morality. On that account, the book was published by metal type, starting from the Gengwu Type(庚午字) which was newly cast in 1452(Moonjong1), Jiayin Type(甲寅字), Guiyou Type(癸酉字), Wushen Type(戊申字), Renchen Type(壬辰字) and Dingyou Type(丁酉字).Gengwu Type books and Jiayin Type books owned by libraries at the present have many different letters and eliminated letters as well as simplified letters and variant letters in them. For the Jiayin Type edition, there are the revised editions the most in number which were proof-read the original of the Gengwu Type edition. The Jiayin Type edition faithfully followed the contents of the first Jiayin Type edition, which was published 5 times. Especially the Renchen Type edition and the Dingyou Type edition had wonderful contents by the proof reading and the good printing condition. Through these thorough revisions and the printing processes, Xiangshuoguwenzhenbaodaquan could be the representative text book of Sino-Korean.The scholars of the Choson re-interpreted the delicate meanings on the original by studying about the writers and the historical background of the Xiangshuoguwenzhenbaodaquan and corrected the mistakes of the annotations with a close research through various materials. In the complete collection published by Wushen Type, there were many deletions of the annotations of the Guiyou Type edition. This fact shows us that the Choson literary men and scholars didn't just accept the book ignorantly but corrected the mistakes of the annotations, based on the systematic moral-philosophical thought. We can easily see the high scholastic level they accomplished at that time.

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