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논문 상세정보

程敏政 사상의 朱陸 和會的 특성과 조선 성리학자들의 반응

A characteristic of the doctrine of agreement between Zhuxiism and Xiangshanism in Chung Min-jeong's thought and critique of Chosun Confucian scholars

유교사상문화연구 no.31 , 2008년, pp.253 - 286   http://dx.doi.org/10.23012/tsctc..31.200803.253

Chung Min-jeong was a neo-Confucianist who asserted the doctrine of agreement between Zhuxiism and Xiangshanism(朱陸和會論) and the doctrine reached by Zhuxi in later life(朱子晩年定論). He selected texts that coincided with his idea in Zhu xi and Lu Chiu-yuan's writings, and arranged those unlike real sequence. By this distorted but intended method, he aimed at inventive understanding Zhuxiism. As a consequence, the method of maintaining inquiry and study(道問學) was degraded as a subordinate study way to the method of honoring virtuous nature(尊德性). He intended to reconstruct Confucianism as a education that it's teaching is comprehended by mind, and men can exercise their faculties of practice in every day life. A few of scholars who criticized the academic world in Ming dynasty held this idea in common. Wang Shou-jen(王守仁) also had a critical mind alike, so his disciples took interest in Chung Min-jeong's work. He was a remarkable scholar a while in Chosun dynasty, but became an accused for the reason that he followed Lu Chiu-yuan's attainments and made Confucianism confused.

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