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논문 상세정보

사회적 권위의 의식화와 앞으로의 학생운동: 민주화 운동에 나타난 의식화 행위를 통해 본 학생운동의 전망

The Conscientization of Social Authority and the Student Movement in Prospect

신학사상 no.141 , 2008년, pp.241 - 282   http://dx.doi.org/10.35858/sinhak.2008..141.007
이신행, 김현

The Purpose of this article is to grasp the social role of the student movement in democratization process after democratization movement by investigating its historical model and to demonstrate that this model can be revivified in the present situation through examining the case "Shinchon Minhoe". The student movement general played a role of the social other which made people conscious of social authority and this authority became the social force to bring about the political transition of 1987. The student movement general could appear as the social other at the public space through an action for conscientization, the origin of which dates back to 1970's christian student movement. But since 1987, at the public space the student movement general was left behind as political organization which was aiming for attaining a dogmatic ideology and as a result, its capability to act for conscientization began to disappear. While it indulged itself into a strife for recognition as political actor, the action for conscientization degenerated into a means to acquire the popularity. At the loss of the capability to act for conscientization, the case "Shinchon Minhoe" shows that it can be restored through the practice of 'the student as resident'. Students organized community council named Shinchon Minhoe, which consists of delegates from local institutions. To make it function in local community, students took actions such as holding a community concert, providing community schooling, and holding a forum to prove itself to be the member of the local community, which represented students as the social other, and this made the possibility of the community's being conscious of the social authority. This experience opens up new vistas of the student movement in the democratization process after democratization movement.

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