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논문 상세정보

도시하천의 복원과 관리를 위한 하천평가기법 개발

Development of Stream Assessment Technique for Restoration and Management of Urban Stream

대한토목학회 논문집B v.28 no.3B , 2008년, pp.283 - 296  
송주일, 윤세의, 이준호

The Urban Stream Assessment Technique (USAT) was suggested to give information about present urban stream condition. Domestic and foreign stream evaluation methods were analyzed and some streams were previously investigated to decide evaluation factors that could evaluate stream condition and have concern with characteristics and flood control of urban stream. The USAT consisted of three steps. High step has three characteristics concerned with functions of stream such as flood risk, stream, and ecology. In middle step, three characteristics were subdivided by ten features to describe changes and degradations of urban stream. Low step consisted of fifty three factors that explain the present condition of ten features. A survey of river experts was conducted to reflect weight among characteristics and features. The weights were calculated by analytic hierarchy process(AHP). The USAT was carried out to check over application of that in Suwon, Anyang, and Joongrang stream. The results of stream evaluation were expressed by factor index, feature index, characteristic index, total index, and evaluation grade. The results of the USAT were useful to realize changed and degraded areas. It is expected that the USAT can be used as base investigation for restoring and managing urban streams.

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